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2013: Quintiles’ Women Inspired Network (WIN)


Quintiles’ Women Inspired Network (WIN) demonstrates excellence in business performance, stewardship, execution, sustainability and measureable results. Quintiles proves why internal corporate initiatives that support women are no longer just a “nice to have” – they are “a must” to realize better business results.

Quintiles’ WIN program works to establish a corporate culture that inspires women to be leaders. It fosters recognition that diverse leadership enhances business success and makes Quintiles an employer of choice for talented women in the healthcare industry. The network has grown exponentially over the past few years, spanning all segments of the organization and every corner of the globe, including Asia, Japan, Africa, India, Latin America, the US and Europe. Quintiles offers unique opportunities for WIN members to discuss leadership through groups such as the WIN book club, coaching program and informal conversations with Quintiles leaders. WIN also partners with HBA chapters for insight, benchmarking and programming ideas.


Kimberly Ray, from Quintiles, home of the ACE award winning Quintiles’ Women Inspired Network is interviewed by HBA media partner MM&M
Headliner: Multi-skilled leader's diversity drive.