2013 HBA Leadership Conference



Thank you to everyone who made this sold out conference a smashing success. Mark your calendar for November 12-14, 2014 so you can join us in Chicago.

HBA 2013 LC crowdSince 1999, the HBA’s annual conference has attracted thousands of professionals from all sectors of the healthcare industry. Each year, women at all stages of their careers come together to learn and enhance vital skills, share insights and further develop key leadership competencies.

Because of the support of all of the sponsoring companies, the volunteer team, HBA staff and The Charles Group, the HBA 2013 Leadership Conference was a resounding success. Featuring inspiring keynote presentations, 26 workshops, a new Executive Women’s Forum workshop track, a poster session and multiple networking events, over 900 women strengthened their network of peers and senior women leaders from all sectors of healthcare and developed actionable career skills.



The app  served as a green guide to the conference, where attendees had detailed information about all of the workshops, keynote speakers, poster session submissions, sponsors and logistical information. Attendees used the App to share their experience in real time using #hbalead. Read the article about HBA in the Twitterverse.


Keynote presenter Liz Wiseman, author of the bestselling book Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter  taught attendees how to be a “multiplier’ and not an “accidental diminisher” in her thought provoking keynote address. She asked to us ask ourselves: What am I doing that may not be intentional, but may actually have a diminishing effect on my team members or those around me? Many tweeted that they might be the "rescuer" who accidentally diminishes by removing people's power and not letting them solve the issue. Multipliers are leaders that use their intelligence to amplify or multiply the intelligence of other people. Often we look for new talent when we should, in Wiseman’s words, “first open the refrigerator door to see what talent you already have.”

Amy Cuddy, PhD, Harvard Business School professor taught us to “power pose” for two minutes before critical meetings and events. Her research showed that how we position our bodies can increase testosterone and decrease cortisol. These hormones change how we feel and act, and therefore how we present ourselves at work. Too often when we are stressed, we take a “powerless pose” where we wrap up, pull our arms close to look invisible and take up less space. Instead, take a power pose, like a starfish or a victorious athlete. If you missed this session or just want to review watch her TED talk on power posing.

Shideh Sedgh BinaSue Foelix led the keynote on What’s Your Six—Stories to Share. She shared her leadership story, "What's Treasure? Life. Tested by time." Shideh Sedgh Bina moved the audience with the story of her grandmother in Iran. Her six words: "Take it off! Take it on!" brought home her message that “when we allowed feminism to become a dirty word we accepted things the way they are.”

Radical hospitality
Radical hospitality at the HBA embodies our commitment to best practices for deliberate and thoughtful engagement that exceed all expectations. Prior to the conference, first time conference attendees were welcomed with phone calls and a webinar to ensure each attendee’s experience was maximized. The conference began with several networking forums to build relationships including a reception where each HBA chapter was highlighted to allow attendees to meet women who live and work near them.

With the theme of the Art & Science of Leadership, we recognized both elements are necessary for to create an environment to inspire, learn, stretch and explore each person’s own leadership style. It was the commitment of the leadership committee and core HBA staff and management, to make this a lasting experience.


To assist you in requesting reimbursement for your company, we've created a template letter to your supervisor.

Hear from attendees:

Women from HBA's 2007 ACE award winning WLI from Johnson & Johnson planned their meeting to coordinate with the Leadership Conference. Christa Heydt shared her experiences at the conference. Read the reprinted article on the HBA blog.

We asked attendees to share their thoughts about the 2012 conference. Here are a few of their responses:

"Attending the HBA Leadership Conference  was "me" time. I really got to take the time to develop myself and truly address and assess my needs. I cannot think of another meeting that is available that enables women in healthcare to congregate and connect. It was truly inspirational to be in a room with so many women who are really innovative and successful."

"This is my first experience with the HBA Leadership Conference and I can tell you, I immediately came back and put resources into my budget for me and three of my team members to attend next year! I thought the conference was extremely well done and very informative. Loved all of the speakers, too. Thank you for all your hard work. The results were amazing and so valuable."

“My favorite lesson was courageously coaching my direct reports and understanding the difference between coaching and providing feedback.”

“I improved my networking skills and I am no longer shy about getting the networking ball rolling!”

“It was a terrific opportunity to spend 2 days focused on me and my career (instead of my job/company). I took away some good tips on planning my next
 career objectives and in leadership in general.”

"The HBA Leadership Conference was a great conference with so many learning opportunities. I especially enjoyed the evening gatherings to network with other women in healthcare. The workshops provided useful templates to use in my current role and helped me learn to me to build better win-win solutions"


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