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HBA members gain professional advantage from investing in themselves and their professional development.

Renew your membership or rejoin now Upon arrival to your HBA profile, scroll down to “My HBA Membership” then press “Renew” or “Rejoin”

HBA membership benefits include the following ways to help you advance:

  • access to wide variety of professional women interested in career advancement
  • access to the HBA network via the HBA online membership directory
  • access to the members-only HBA Community, featuring exclusive forums and resource libraries
  • develop/refine specific leadership skills through leadership roles (negotiation, generating consensus, influencing without authority, presentation skills, team building, team management skills and more)
  • recognition of contributions through prestigious awards
  • bi-monthly newsletter providing the latest on what’s happening at the HBA
  • special invitation to member-only events
  • significant member discount for all HBA events including WOTY and the HBA Annual Conference
  • participation in effective mentoring programs
  • opportunity to participate in affinity groups based on your interests including Women in Science, and Women in Technology
  • access to the HBA Career Center where you can post or browse jobs in all areas of healthcare.

But don’t take our word for what our members say about why they've renewed their HBA membership.

HBA offers assistance for members in transition

In response to the needs of HBA members in transition, we are pleased to offer a member in transition rate. This grant significantly reduces the membership renewal rate for an individual in need of financial assistance due to involuntary unemployment. We offer this grant in the hopes of retaining members and to assist those in need to sustain and fortify their network within the HBA through their continued membership.

This grant reduces the one-year membership fee to $100 for renewals. To apply, submit the application to the HBA office. Download the application.

Current members may apply in the window one month prior to your expiration date and one month after your expiration date (which is considered the grace period).

Who is eligible?
Eligible individuals are those who have been impacted by involuntary job loss (currently involuntarily unemployed) and are within their grace period to renew their membership.

Who is not eligible?
Those who are ineligible are individuals who have never been members of HBA, those who voluntarily left employment and independent business owners.

What type of proof of unemployment is required to receive assistance?
HBA will use the honor system and rely on the integrity of the individual to provide accurate information verses pursuing verification of unemployment. The hardship assistance application requests very brief information on your former employment status.

Will my application status be shared with the local chapter?
HBA provides monthly membership updates to each chapter and will provide a list of hardship grants awarded as a part of that process. The level of information provided is noted on the application.

If I am unemployed and have already renewed my membership, am I eligible for a $75 rebate?
HBA is unable to provide rebates to individuals who have already renewed membership but we encourage you to apply during your next renewal period.

If I receive assistance, will I be required to repay HBA once I gain employment?
No. As a loyal member of HBA, you have demonstrated your appreciation for and understanding of the value of HBA and your continued involvement is sufficient repayment.

Will HBA offer reduced fees for HBA events, such as local chapter programs and the Annual Conference?
This policy currently relates to membership dues only and approval though this process will result in a reduction in dues only. Members typically enjoy reduced rates for events. HBA is evaluating whether it has the capacity to offer grants for other programs and if additional types of hardship grants are created, we will communicate with the membership.


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